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    Lin Yin home 3 period

    来源: 作者:Stand originally 时间:2008-12-22 Tag: 点击:
    Beijing of seat area of Cs08106143104 of room source number is other whether intermediary is not intermediary
    Property address is sealed
    Hovel of ㎡ of 90 of floor area of building type residence is sealed ㎡
    Attributive individual property right builds property right time is sealed decorate degree semifinished product
    Seat floor 2 floor gross 6 price pattern 450 thousand yuan
    Door model 2 rooms 2 hall 2 defend active day to count a month face of terms of payment is discussed
    Establishment of form a complete set has elevator
    Issue date: 2008-10-6 14:31:04 intermediary phone is informed against or inquire
    13366811299 E-mail of telephone number of lady of contact the Song Dynasty
    Fair car line is sealed
    Room source describes of short duration not to have a description

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