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    Boreal celestial bodies shopping centers

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    Area of rising sun of Beijing of seat area of Cz08106150037 of room source number whether medium medium
    Road of Hui Zhong of celestial bodies of north of bird's nest of property address Ya Yun Cun east shop of 4 ring business is hired continuously

    Building type business spreads ㎡ of 10 of hovel of ㎡ of floor area 80
    Attributive individual property right builds property right time is sealed decorate level general
    Seat floor 1 floor gross 1 trade the price 29000 yuan / month
    Door model 1 room 1 hall 1 defend active day to count 3 months face of terms of payment is discussed
    Establishment of form a complete set
    Issue date: 2008-10-6 15:00:37 intermediary phone is informed against or inquire
    13910020345 E-mail of telephone number of contact cropland young lady
    Fair car line is much public transportation reach subway Ya Yun Cun to stand
    Room source description can manage a project, dress dress, shoe bag, travel commodity, household act the role ofing is tasted, the home is spun, handicraft,
    Underwear high-quality goods is waited a moment. If need seeks advice from cropland young lady please in detail

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