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    Land ministry: Various state office collects money build a house uniform must no

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    Li Yuan of land ministry undersecretary expressed recently, land section will be first the construction that makes sure classics comfortable room, cheap rents a house uses the land. In the meantime, still will collect money strictly the government that collaboration establishs a room to use the land, various state office is done collect money collaboration builds a house, uniform must not offer the ground.

    Li Yuan expresses, management department of urban land natural resources is when plan of formulate year land, want to build program and year construction plan according to housing, preferential arrangement solves housing of family of urban low income to use the land difficultly. Ensure cheap hires housing, economy applicable housing and in low price, medium small model 70% what construction of general goods housing supplies gross not to use ground gross under the residence with ground year, fulfil specific lot.

    In addition, prevent to hire housing, economy with cheap stoutly applicable housing is a name, the divert after acquiring land with transfer means is developed at commodity house. In the meantime, increase unused land even clear deal with strength, the unused land that gives to clearing, should call in should call in stoutly, the land that call in wants preferential hire housing and economy with Yu Lian applicable housing construction.

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