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    5 ministries and commissions together special clear place of unused land heavy e

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    Chen Xiao of our newspaper reporter

    The 5 ministries and commissions such as censorial ministry were given out jointly a few days ago " about developing case of sell one's own things of state-owned land access special clear working announcement " (the following abbreviation " announcement " ) , the decision focuses time of half an year, case of sell one's own things of state-owned land access is developed in the whole nation special clear the job.

    Analytic personage points out, "Announcement " door of content technical secondary school emphasized wanting to be opposite a ground the circumstance is used to undertake checking after making over, change character, want to cover to developing business namely behavior of ground of ground store up undertakes superintend.

    And the reporter notices, since August, have and other places of Hunan, Zhejiang early or late provincial land branch began unused to the land inside this area under administration circumstance to undertake checking. This " announcement " allotting is to will clear more unused land storm is brought to the whole nation, processing is begun to cover inside countrywide limits behavior of ground of ground store up.

    3 arrows volley

    Added censorial ministry to allot jointly with ministry of land natural resources namely " investigate land to break the law about be being begun further violate compasses case the announcement of special operation " , the circumstance of special to be being begun since October 2006 operation undertakes checking, and the work of audit of gold of countrywide land sell one's own things that at present audit arrange is doing and the whole nation that ministry of censorial ministry land develops jointly investigate land to break the law violate compasses case special operation works, land check job already had 3 bigger movements, form " 3 arrows volley " situation.

    Introduce according to personage of know the inside story, from the early days of audit department the examination looks as a result, land breaks the law violate compasses problem expression is multifarious, have already do not fulfil directly " action pat hang " system, the circumstance that furtive agreement makes over, again local government and land use an unit to work in collusion, land of low sell one's own things or development of land of make a false report arrange the issue of capital.

    Development business people had realized land adjusting control it seems that will more hasten is close, one part develops business to begin to weigh Jinmaide, and the development business with land more reserve also accelerated land to develop strength. The new world that has reserve of land of 24.8 million square metre inside (China) the personage expresses related limited company, the integrated inaccuracy such as price getting a house, land decides an element to affect, this company will increase commercial real estate to develop strength next, reduce what develop profit contribution to the residence to depend on.

    Land development is occupied first half of the year than 40%

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