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    The last ten-day of a month held meeting of job of residence of whole nation of

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    Heart of building of our newspaper reporter promotes Beijing story

    Our newspaper learns solely, the meeting of countrywide residence job that chairs by the State Council or plan of conference of housing safeguard job in August the last ten-day of a month is held, the central task of the conference will issue the housing of one phase clearly guarantee the job namely.

    Serve as the conference " sinfonia " , on August 1, premier of Home Wen treasure chairs call together to open the State Council the 187th times standing conference, the principle was passed " the State Council about solving a certain number of opinions of difficulty of housing of family of urban low income " (the following abbreviation " opinion " ) .

    " opinion " the requirement is various government it is difficult to solve housing of family of urban low income the serious content that regards housing as construction and housing system reform, regard a government as a of public service main responsibility, accelerate build the policy system that hires housing system to resolve difficulty of housing of family of urban low income for key, much channel with cheap soundly.

    With name of the State Council is not all of name of ministries and commissions gets housing to guarantee the job, show the government is on housing problem more care the people's livelihood, pay attention to public feelings more. At the same time also declare publicly prepares meeting of long already countrywide residence job to will be adjusting control cent " two paces go " , the first pace, the housing of dominant of farther perfect government guarantees a system; The 2nd pace is to let residential property forward gentle, healthy way develops.

    " opinion " the policy vane that will become Chinese real estate to develop undoubtedly.

    Policy of form a complete set of linkage of each ministries and commissions

    Reporter from construction ministry relevant file understands, the policy of form a complete set related to housing safeguard is intensifying making come on stage, policy of each form a complete set already had clear schedule.

    Among them, construction ministry will be made with civil administration ministry " qualification of family of urban low income maintains measure " . The domestic average per capita that announces according to local statistic branch can control the certain proportion of income, combinative city economy grows level and housing price level, finished in October this year. In the meantime, " cheap of family of town lowest income hires room government measure " , " economy is applicable housing government measure " will finish at editing inside year.

    The Central Bank makes pair of cheap hire the finance that applicable room builds room and economy to support idea jointly with construction ministry, Ministry of finance, hire room and economy according to each district cheap applicable housing builds a case, research puts forward finance to support plan, this year the bottom was finished in October.

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