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    Close down of bank of part of lukewarm city Shenzhen is secondhand room room bor

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    Room of peaceful wave individual borrows of short duration not constrictive

    Constrictive monetary policy affects department of acceptor acceptor canal, the bank of and other places of Hangzhou, Wen Zhou, Shenzhen already was tightened up sadly shift business. Reporter from Ning Bo a few rooms borrow big know yesterday, at present they borrow business to have not take constrictive attitude to individual room.

    The controller of peaceful wave area of intermediary of some famous chain house property tells a reporter, a few banks that they cooperate did not appear the room borrows constrictive circumstance, the citizen should be borrowed secondhand room loan is very convenience still.

    Fu Di of Liu of assistant of general manager of department of letter of room of branch of Construction Bank peaceful wave expresses, individual room borrows the high grade capital fund that business is a bank, the fraction defective that eye anteroom borrows is in 0.2% the following, dimensions also won't come again closely commonly constrictive individual room is borrowed. Skill room is secondhand room room borrows the information that will still handle normally, also mix from branch of Agriculture Bank peaceful wave in Hang Ningbo branch got confirming. The personage inside banking tells a reporter, the pressure of macroscopical adjusting control that bank of second half of the year faces is very great, the admittance condition respect that may silver-colored guild borrows in the room changes somewhat, "Raise a client for instance head pay proportion, those who reduce loan into number " .

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