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    Value double accrual Shanghai secondhand the room is long term investment object

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    Large quantities of investment objectives show body Shanghai secondhand room market, drove company of broker of each house property to see room quantity increase apparently. Yesterday (6 days of) , the analytic report of house property of real estate of beautiful couplet property, Central Plains, faith points out, a lot of evidence make clear, the part pays ability stronger long term regression of investment customer confidence, multiplying " Jin Jiuyin 10 " hang out one's shingle the chance that the quantity increases, begin to be prepared actively enter the arena in succession. The client that near future provision buys a room to undertake the line invests length by this year the inadequacy of the beginning of the year 5% increase to 10% above.

    Secondhand room investment scale rises apparently

    Investment objective near future the core area that large quantities of around mouth of home of land of Xu Hui, Pudong, macrobian road occurrence. The data that beautiful couplet property just publishs shows, this year 3, April is to live oneself the time that demand releases centrally paragraph, live oneself the demand that buy a house holds great majority, include Xu Hui, static how, Huang Pu, Lu Wan and Pudong core area inside each area, the client scale that buys a room to undertake the line invests length is insufficient 5% . But from August since, objective of the investment inside the market increases apparently, these area investor are occupied in the person that buy a house about 10% the left and right sides.

    The concerned analysis personage of Central Plains real estate expresses to the reporter, came in June in August, a few odd groups that buy a house still appeared on the market. The Xiaofang that what investor takes a fancy to basically is central area, after some investment objective buys next houses, hang out his shingle rental. From August trade in light of the circumstance, investment demand is occupied about secondhand the room trades of the quantity 10% the left and right sides. The statistic of faith house property shows, august, investment demand occupies faith about secondhand the room clinchs a deal of the quantity 20% the left and right sides, a few area of downtown, be like macrobian road board piece, investment objective is achieved even 30% .

    Beautiful couplet property expresses about analytic personage, as building of partial center area dish of the price go up again, the part lives oneself the person that buy a house feels ability not equal to one's ambition apparently, abandon increasing price again and again gradually, leave building town temporarily.

    Investment objective values hire and asset to appreciate

    Long term investment objective was replaced " fry lodger " enter Shanghai building town in succession, those who take a fancy to is the double benefit that hire and house price rise. Property of the couplet that occupy the United States and the business personnel with landed Central Plains disclose, shanghai is at present secondhand on room market, long-term investment objective basically is comprised by 3 kinds of people, one kind is the personage outside the place that has certain economy base, include Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and Euramerican public figure; The 2nd kind is the investor with stronger actual strength of economy of Shanghai this locality; Still having a kind is nonlocal investment objective, basically come from Jiang Zhe two ground. Objective of a few investment asks intermediary company does a good turn clearly large quantities of the Xiaofang that searchs downtown second bridal chamber, and entrust rent. They plan first hold 4 to 5 years, next choose machine sells.

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