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    Had done landed and other fund not to want to earn capital of blow of tall house

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    Tall house price has become what whole society capital marchs to estate market to build up date. Call grant to be not believed, see a fact please.

    To August 22, as golden land group again a furnace of financing resolution, estate appears on the market company the financing amount since this year first hop closes one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two yuan greatly. On the history of Shanghai late stock market, still never which industry is so like estate inside so short time the capital of financing so much.

    Besides encircling money from the stock market, real-estate industry from the leasehold capital in the bank also the first of all, occupy bureau of statistic of Chinese people bank, country to announce, from 2003 since, of company of our country estate be in debt on average rate all the time prep above 70% . In so high specified number in be in debt, 55% above are bank loan.

    In last few years, a nomenclature of reason of overheat of economist explanation economy is " liquidity is excess " , be equivalent to common people common saying in " vivid money is too much " . These " vivid money " the majority was not in common people bag, so, in the bag of common people not only " fluidity " not superfluous, rise as prices, especially high-rise price, be immersed in instead " relative poverty " , more and more flow to be not moved. Alleged " liquidity is excess " also be " the liquidity of structural sex is excess " , it is the fluidity in building city, stock market superfluous, it is the fluidity in rig business superfluous.

    As house price the capital of blow of tall look forward to builds up date, the unripe animation that estate market is performing a take the lead, 10 thousand horses to chase after the surging forward with great momentum that run quickly coils. "In southeast coastal some develops province, almost all province dependency have big company be engaged in estate developing. Of steel-making, produce electric equipment, those who build infrastructure, before fervent building city each eye hearts is heated up. " report according to Xinhua News Agency: Lu of intermediary of Wu of bosom of stay of proceedings of  of low ü of large bamboo hat of the ┢ that make suddenly smooth with a rake wrings sword  to seek Gan Li to wash  of ⒐ of  of  of health die young of ǚ of couch of  of remnant of Mei box calamity uses up Mei of tenon of ㄉ of ┙ of Fang of ∩ of  of ┗ of suddenly of  of low ü of large bamboo hat of S instrument natrium truly Tuo of be good at  ! ?

    Yageer is the clothing company that compatriots all tells, however not quite know it is exhibiting boxing foot greatly in real estate. Pat in Hangzhou before long before a ground, floor price achieves every square metre 15700 multivariate, than circumjacent building dish sale price is high still. Its outstanding achievement report last year says, company advocate business Wu income 5.976 billion yuan, among them, estate income is 1.927 billion yuan, profit margin is 38.75% , net profit 270 million yuan, be head and shoulders above the summation of business suit and profit of shirt business net profit.

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