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    Commodity house price why not plan consume price index into CPI dweller

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    Recently, beijing of national statistic bureau investigates what total fleet unscrambled CPI to the public first to collect process and computational formula, consumer does not include commodity house price to express to indissoluble to CPI, why is doubt buys commodity house consumption invests however. At this point problem, the reporter visited national statistic bureau 30 days to concern chief.

    What is CPI index?

    This controller points out, CPI namely the dweller consumes price index (ConsumerPriceIndex) , english abbreviate is CPI, it is the prices that the product that report and dweller life concern and service price investigation are summarized fluctuant index, regard observation as the main index of inflationary level normally. If CPI index rises too big, show inflation becomes economy not to stabilize an element.

    The commodity of index of price of our country work out and service project, main basis the whole nation is urban and rural expenses of spending of household of 120 thousand dwellers forms data and relevant data to decide. Include things of wine of food, smoke and things, equipment of dress, family and service, Medical Protection and individual things, traffic and communication, recreation to teach culture things and service in all at present, live 8 kinds big, 263 ultimate cluster, about 700 represent breed. Index of dweller consumption price uses sampling investigation technology namely to the whole nation county of 550 example city collects price drop nearly 30 thousand times to undertake the price is investigated, the computation after treatment is arranged comes out.

    Why doesn't commodity house calculate consumption

    This controller points out, the CPI index that at present our country weaves, include 8 kinds of big consumable, each kinds have a weight. This weight is a basis the dweller consumes a structure, the proportion that consumes defray place to occupy namely will decide. The proportion that holds total outlay e.g. food expenses is how old wait. Statistical personnel can collect valence to order the investigation in dweller home to each, the Zhang that these families have charge to an account this. Statistical personnel still is investigated to sale site, each kinds coessential the commodity that can compare, last month is how many money, how much is the price of this month. Carry such a few investigation, will calculate index of dweller consumption price.

    In 8 kinds of big consumable, the 8th kind is housing price. The housing price here basically is the price that rent a house, is not commodity house price.

    You buy a house, after be being bought, be section consumption, divide year spending. Generally speaking bridal chamber at least depreciation 50 years, longer perhaps, and during the depreciation in a few years, the house appreciates likely still. The standard that passes through on international so, do not put commodity house value between CPI, also do not calculate dweller consumption, calculate however make investment.

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