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    Borrow avoid outside be restricted, make opportunely ST star source hand in hand

    来源: 作者:Stand originally 时间:2008-12-22 Tag: 点击:

    Beijing reports Song Zhenqing of our newspaper reporter

    Inc. of source of Shenzhen century star (ST star source, 000005.SZ)8 says 9 days month, its are wholy-owned subsidiary head coronal international limited company (next weighing that HCIL) already was the same as beautiful couplet to expand limited company (next weighing WDC) and Man Baoguo border limited company (next weighing " Man Baoguo border " ) come to an agreement, front courtyard of a person of extraordinary powers of dragon of harbor of Zhuhai of joint investment, joint development is praedial project.

    And on July 19, announcement of ST star source is announced, HCIL and WDC come to an agreement will add jointly endowment buy, Jing Mingyuan of day of joint development Changsha is praedial project, bilateral in all contributive 240 million yuan.

    Short lunar time, the ST star source of torpid on estate market for a long time hand in hand foreign capital, cast in Changsha and Zhuhai one after another give two with great quantity, sidelong glance does it inside your course of study.

    Change add hair for joint-stock

    Announcing in fact and while WDC cooperates, what ST star source still cancelled to be decided formerly is directional add hair program. To why cancelling suddenly directional add hair, ST star source not speak in detail, "Decide plan not to fit need formerly. "Decide plan not to fit need formerly..

    When Xiao Chun of company Dong Bi collect accepts a reporter to interview, express, since directional add hair had cancelled, disclose among them detail again with respect to inconvenience. Nevertheless personage of know the inside story discloses to the reporter, what decide formerly is directional adding hair object is WDC, financing is cast narrate two projects up. This also can confirm from the website of Changsha place, WDC was in early October last year Changsha linger makes an on-the-spot investigation, with ST star source echo each other at a distance. Nevertheless, directional add hair plan to be in examine and approve a respect however tardy cannot discharged, can see from inside the announcement of ST star source, the company also is undertaking communication with concerned branch with respect to this matter all the time.

    " because WDC is foreign capital, this kind directional add hair is very sensitive. " personages of afore-mentioned know the inside story say. After outside be restricted, making come on stage one after another, to foreign capital directional the estate company that adds hair success is only sunshine share (000608.SZ) .

    Not was opposite directional add of hair cancel to have detailed explanation, because debt problem causes the failure that pick a cap,add ST star source, make ST star source successive for a time 6 trade day drops stop, the confidence of investor greatly be thwarted.

    Nevertheless subsequently successional two projects and the message that foreign capital cooperates make ST star source take a turn to be out of danger, share price slowly pick up. Luo Xiaochun was opposite morely undertake explanatory from the account that adds hair financing change to be cooperative financing, and the analyst thinks, "Directional add hair examine and approve compare take time originally arduous, adding an object is foreign capital, more bode ill rather than well; Under photograph comparing, undertake with foreign capital joint-stock, OK leave out examines and approve a program not less. OK leave out examines and approve a program not less..

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