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    Landed fund is about to borrow chicken to give birth to an egg to buy aim at com

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    Concluded recently " the ground was handed in 2007 meeting " on, "Game foot " the central issue that estate banking became the personage inside course of study to pay close attention to.

    Han Fuling of director of institute of negotiable securities of banking of university of central finance and economics says, the estate financing of our country ought to by pure depend on a bank to move toward diversity gradually, form appear on the market, equity financing, annex is bought, the multivariate financial support such as fiducial plan.

    On August 17, inland the first fund estate is fiducial plan -- , fund of illicit collect equity fiducial plan is in estate of luck of couplet letter spirit 2007 Bo Ao estate hold an autograph to arrange a ceremony on forum. This fund holds water fiducially, mean banking of our country estate to innovated to step the one pace of mark sex ahead again.

    The current situation

    First landed fund did not have later development

    Current, our country inland did not open the landed fund of type to give general public or company investment legally. There ever also was a message to say before, this year in March, inland will roll out first landed fund, but did not have later development however later. Zhang Baoquan shows the real estate old man that is capital affliction all the time, "Inland is essential fund of real estate of it doesn't matter, it is abroad landed fund, inside also is non-standard. Inside also is non-standard..

    Huang Xi of limited company general manager celebrates year of ten thousand long line of business of Beijing that prevail place show, policy bottleneck is the main reason that restricts landed fund.

    "As a result of legal system not perfect, our country is returned not fund of real estate of be patient of. Include intermediary of most so called landed fund also very not perfect. " Shanghai 5 add up to Zou Yi of wisdom library general manager to say, "Include to manage, superintend, taxation respect has a lot of problems, also lack professional person with ability, say fund of outback real estate so publish a condition very immature still. Say fund of outback real estate so publish a condition very immature still..

    Although of inland " industrial fund law " not within the foreseeable future, but the capital catenary that business of development of a few inland already began to be his seeks safeguard to make new attempt. They bale their property overseas appears on the market, will get fund. "Before resembling a few years, 10 thousand amount to the commerce oneself to bale abroad appearing on the market is an example, nevertheless this still is minority after all, and center in commercial property mostly. " Zou Yi says, this needs landed enterprise to accord with local couplet to make the provision of place, and the management of oneself, outstanding achievement should reach the level that comparative.

    According to reporter understanding, outback dweller also but the landed fund that subscribe appears on the market in Hong Kong and abroad and landed fund.

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