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    Statistical data shows: Beijing skill residence can make work room source falls

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    Than last year the corresponding period reduces 23 thousand

    Morning paper dispatch (reporter Yang Shumeng) the data according to statistic of net of Beijing estate buying operation, up to on August 19, this city shares house of commodity of ninety-one thousand three hundred skill have not work off, this and last year the corresponding period one hundred and forteen thousand three hundred can make work room source quantity is compared, reduced 23 thousand fully, fall panel height is amounted to 20% .

    Net of Beijing estate buying operation is daily commodity house of statistic can make work room source, it is the market supply and daily clinch a deal the poor value of the quantity, room source by the residence period room and house show room composition, among them room of most by a definite date. Data shows, from this year the middle ten days of a month began in June, house of commodity of this city skill can make work room source wanders in 92 thousand to fluctuate all the time, room source area maintains in 1300 much square metre. And last year came in June during August, whole town can make work Fang Yuanchao crosses 110 thousand, room source area exceeds 16 million square metre. No matter be a cycle of songs in a traditional opera or area, the range that drops compared to the same period this year is quite distinct.

    In fact, the reporter notices, even if first half of the year off-season, can make work room source is shown as much reveal small state. This year first quarter, can make work room source still maintains the level that approaching 100 thousand above, but the middle ten days of a month dropped in April defeated 100 thousand, after this is to go low gradually more.

    The market analyses a personage to think, at present of market of this city estate buy demand to did not produce apparent change, rate of the digestive that put an amount did not rise apparently, but can make work the extent that room source drops compared to the same period is as high as 20% however, the reason depends on market supply atrophy apparent.

    "What land supplies is in short supply it is residential supply lasts a atrophic main reason. " analysis of Xiao Zhigang of chief inspector of sale of Yong Tongchang group thinks, since last year, the plot natural resources that enters town actually is relatively scarce, quite estate development company of the amount is faced with even " land uncultivated land " corner. "Buckle to prevent the whole chain stall that the enterprise runs to take off, development business must put the development rate that estimates land in rein in hand. This makes the situation that land market demands exceeds supply direct reflected market of skill commodity house " .

    Xiao Zhigang tells a reporter, besides the reason of land level, last year " 90 square metre are occupied 7 into " after adjusting control policy, one part project is faced with a program to change and defer city, also be this year the market supplies one of small accounts. Plus this year 6, 7, appeared August relatively apparent clinch a deal Xiaogao is wet, the near future increased on certain level put a quantity to digest, and add newly supply less still, because of this near future can make work room source drops particularly apparent.

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