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    Olympic Games good athlete is a country president of eagle of gold of win honour

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    5 years ago, namely on September 16, 2003, tie Shanxian of week of president of Chinese villatic network is born in Beijing restaurant auditoria to social all circles earnest announce: 2008 Beijing Olympic Games the 37th, the 38th Chinese sports good athlete that wins individual championship, the villa that will obtain some villa project to give. Come 5 years people expects all the time is which villatic manager will give villa of Olympic Games champion. Today, we open the mysterious veil of this villatic boss, he is executive president of city of bull-puncher of the villa on American MS dam---Mr Jin Ying.

    Today, the like a raging fire that having on Olympic Games competition ground, be far ahead of Chinese gold gross, maintain from beginning to end be in the first. Week Mr Tieshan that watching Olympic Games match everyday is passion more insurgent, because very fast he is about to achieve his commitment. Better for sports facilities of China progress, more players are drive country win honour for, obtain gold, he is certain think to make a cost so! The old friend of Mr Zhou Tieshan, villatic bull-puncher city carries out president Mr Jin Ying to be informed this one message on American MS dam, express to offer two villa at once, give winner of medal of card of the 37th gold nugget, 38 gold nugget.

    On August 13, 2008 afternoon, be in the office of Jin Ying's president, two presidents " villa gives 2008 Olympic Gameses championship " be related comes to an agreement. Jin Ying's president will be located in 2 of the bull-puncher city of villatic grass to go vacationing on dam villa is permanent send 2008 Beijing Olympic Games to obtain the 37th, the champion of individual individual event of card of 38 gold nugget, two villa are together repeatedly, form a whole, also be in right now below total impel, jin Ying's president decides to will play the horsemanship game of the Olympic Games, this decision got week of total height approbate big fine admiration, two presidents feel an upsurge of emotion excitedly, excited unceasingly, bilateral closefisted is grasped together, make a pledge to go to main investment in this great Olympic Games cause on the spot, commitment of Jin Ying's president plays the horsemanship game of 3 Olympic Games, contribute oneself force for Chinese horsemanship career.

    Olympic Games champion paid youth for sports facilities of China, asperse issued sweat, deserve respect of our compatriots place, be a success is indicative, symbolize bravely, it is heroic character; What Olympic Games champion represents is gold and social status not only, more the representing's is Chinese people and Chinese spirit, it is top class personage, place is represented and the intangible value of creation and mental power are tremendous and far-reaching. At the appointed time, we run spot of villatic on dam area Olympic Games champion to garrison ceremony and evening party, invite the expert inside Olympic Games champion and family member, coach, course of study to develop business to wait, witness hour of this one history jointly!
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