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    Wen Xiang knows a brand to hear welcome sign noble

    来源: 作者:Stand originally 时间:2008-12-22 Tag: 点击:
    SIS smell identifies a system. Use the core value that Xuxiao of the first person increases Chinese smell property and technology, let all sorts of flavour aggrandizement brands identify a brand, aggrandizement consciousness. Smell is sweet changing an industry is industry of a kind of new environmental protection, although the outside still is not to understand very much, but this kind of technology has begun to carry out in our country, the big Tang Furong of Xi'an is most classic case field. Big Tang Furong Cheng of garden sweet chemical industry, it is a whole world not just Cheng of first the biggest outdoors sweet chemical industry, it is to build a dream to answer not just big the Tang Dynasty artistic conception, it is one has historical massiness feeling already, have again ambitious before the major project of look up sex. Its carry out, for beautification city environment, promote people quality, enhance urban competition ability, having the great value that estimates hard.
    Horticultural exposition of world of 2006 China Shenyang is international grand meeting of horticultural bound, because of its important international is affected and times get world attention. Cheng of olfactory sweet chemical industry, sound be familiar with already of project of modern culture of science and technology introduce, alive bound still is belonged to on horticultural exposition history first.

    In people big feast one's eyes on, praise garden of Shenyang “ world is met ” vision regale while, concept of Cheng of olfactory culture, sweet chemical industry is the culture window that this second grand meeting appears. The “ from the person 5 feeling ” (vision, hearing, smell, taste, touch) go up, reveal theme of this second grand meeting in the round, model Shenyang spirit, improve urban grade, have important economy and social sense.

    Cheng of olfactory sweet chemical industry, it is to use contemporary intelligence to be in charge of a net remotely to change delicious method, to thematic environment place the ode is mixed with nature humanitarian sweet smell, the harmony that be created from ” of “ smell touch and shows person and environment is beautiful.

    Be located in “ world garden the zoology meal garden on meeting ” entrance, cover an area of 6000 smooth rice, it is plant of this second grand meeting is revealed most concentration, breed is the most all ready, saying to go up is the museum of gardens art. The four seasons inside garden if spring, person and plant are concomitant, set each other off of sweet mist green water, make if the person faces elfland. Place oneself in this so wonderful humanitarian zoology environment, you often are met from wave smell in waving sweet mist the rose aroma that spends on behalf of Shenyang city, the sight stir up one's feelings letting a person; Sample when you fresh, when having cate of social effects of pollution, blast aroma can let an intertropical mango your appetite is big, become aware life is delicate suddenly, good luck is wonderful; Too many things to see of the beautiful scenery in garden, incline the head can listen to running water delicate language, conveniently can feel flowers and plants to feel character, 5 feeling ” passes “ of true it may be said affection, terrestrial heaven.
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