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    Big love immensity - and disaster area of noble net Mr Zhou Tieshan goes

    来源: 作者:Stand originally 时间:2008-12-22 Tag: 点击:
    Suffer government of county of boreal plain county Party committee, Chengdu, the invitation of the leader such as Jiang Yan, engineer mayor of scientific academy, originality village with China president of network of Chen Fang and concoctive expert Zhang Yunxi, Zou Jie dark, noble is presiding achieve compose to instigate astronomy of Buddhist of hill of division week iron, Beijing changes transmission.

    Group of expert of originality plan love arrives boreal plain, with respect to the warm reception that got place is led, jing Dazhong of head of a county of boreal plain county interviewed originality to engineer love expert round member, gentleman of hill of iron of noble net week and head of a county meet, the hand of two people closely grasp together, get the better of soundlessly right now phonic, any utterance also cannot convey two right now mood.

    Reach the next day of boreal plain county, in north plain county travels of the relevant personnel such as bureau director Lin Chuan accompany below, originality engineers love expert group to begin pair of boreal plain counties to undertake making an on-the-spot investigation on the spot, basically involve autonomous county of boreal plain the Qiang nationality new city is overall brand fixed position and travel culture are overall plan and north plain “ love garden (highway of square of watchtower of wall of love tower, love, love, love, love) the problem such as the plan of ” , program and design.

    In the earthquake, the loss is most heavy should count the school, a lot of students lost life between instantly, pair of earthquake happening that survival comes down that is to be able to 't bear turn one's head more momently, got be hit badly in mentally, a mission that care children also is group of expert of love of this originality plan.

    Through a few days make an on-the-spot investigation on the spot reach with north the communication that leads related plain county, the “ love the Holy City that is boreal plain originality to engineer fixed position by net of originality village, noble loves to not have greatly border the height that the ” of “ love garden of ” and ” of day of “512 international love gained boreal plain county is led takes seriously and approbate, at the same time government of county of boreal plain county Party committee is expert group 7 members awarded contract, invite them to be boreal plain to rebuild development is advisory.

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