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    Sales promotion peddles difficult differentiate of true and false uncovers secre

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    Way 1: Special offer formula

    Special offer formula is course of study of household building materials very the form of a kind of sales promotion that be good at, its are aimed at already not was single commodity, however commodity combination. Gold is for instance periodic, the commodity such as cistern, Wei Yu can roll out specific design to combine whole set eat; Ark of ambry, floor, wall also can give fittings, with main body commodity collocation becomes a formula to sell. Those who combine the furniture of the formula to be old brand more advocate sell model, the price is relatively substantial also.

    Clew: Eat of most home encapsulation is individual character of color of basic design, lack. So, unless you do not have too much vogue to go after to new home, pursue " can use go " concept, otherwise, still do not want because of Xiaoli regret in the future.

    Way 2: In a limited time scare buying

    Some building materials supermarkets roll out 3 hours 5 tuck up in a limited time scare buying, contain Troy taller.

    Clew: There is some of price in scare buying in a limited time strong famous product is not the activity or the discount is relatively lesser, and these hitting whether is folding commodity to be in mark a price formerly hit on the foundation fold not affirmatory also.

    Way 3: Shopping lottery

    Traditional lottery need not say oneself, mostly consumer won't place a hope at by free falling body lucky in be bungled. But still one is plant is discount lottery, have fair value, take a discount by the receipt that pay fee, this commodity undertakes hitting changing business accounting by the discount that takes, 100% win a prize in a lottery, what seem to see on the market at present nevertheless is 9.5 fold.

    Clew: Regard lottery as a kind of additional value, paying close attention to the core value such as quality, price, service, environmental protection just is crucial.

    Way 4: Shop on the net

    Often wait for the consumer most propbably that decorates forum hair post to order household to passing Internet in room of focus, sina, search building materials is not new, its can be divided roughly collect for network collect with the supermarket on the net two kinds. Collect collects the price to have definite advantage, but need to reach consensus as a result of time and breed, accordingly convenience sex is shown a bit inferior; And although the supermarket on the net just appears have not gain ground, but the price that has an advantage as a result of its and convenience sex, already formed new trend gradually.

    Clew: The cost advantage that does not have shop is beyond question, after developing somewhat on convenience sex and dimensions, will be right choice.

    Way 5: Shop return ticket

    Returning ticket is to be next to way of dozen of important sales promotion that change, be lived in the favour of the supermarket especially. But as a result of partial businessman abuse returns ticket, make this kind of marketing procedures is oppugned with all possible means. If supermarket of some famous building materials is rolled out during the golden week " full 2000 yuan return 1000 yuan " the activity that return ticket, the surface looks very inviting, but 1000 yuan touch be restricted only with certificate ambry kind commodity is used, and full 4000 yuan of ability are used 1000 touch with certificate, calculate come down to be equivalent to every consuming privilege of 7000 yuan of ability 1000 yuan, and buy ambry is 4000 yuan insufficient generally speaking, exceed branch cent to cannot be used return ticket, because this business accounting comes down,be equivalent to the 88 values that lose the left and right sides only.

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