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    Crisis of formaldehyde of experience of board type furniture ranks two years con

    来源: 作者:Stand originally 时间:2008-12-22 Tag: 点击:

    Furniture already ranked a product two years to complain quantity seniority continuously the 2nd, 2006 only Beijing 12365 complain inform against a center to receive furniture to complain, advisory case amounts to 1714. Guangzhou city " 12315 " consumer complains hot line record to also show, only this year first half of the year, of furniture quality respect complain exceeded 400 cases. And a many month comes recently, sampling observation of furniture of Guangzhou board type has 3 Cheng Hanjia aldehyde to exceed bid, off quality, make furniture of Guangzhou board type encountered thereby " formaldehyde disturbance " .

    Subsequently, the qualitative check department that the furniture production such as Beijing, Liaoning, Shanghai, Sichuan visits greatly, also have comprehensive repair to the furniture industry of each district early or late, quality of a furniture " qualitative inspect storm " come over in succession, for a short while, furniture quality problem became the focal topic that discusses inside course of study. All the time since, the quality inspection to industry of each district furniture takes branch of quality ability inspect seriously very much, selective examination to the quality of furniture industry the job is done not have all the time discontinuous over- , selectiving examination often in the process, a few small furniture mill that violate compasses production and operation are investigated or be compelled to rectify and reform.

    In the meantime, the environmental protection problem of furniture industry also makes the central point that pays close attention to about the branch, branch of inspect of ability of each district quality expresses, although superintend strength all the time very big, but the problem of many furniture industries is solved at present rise to still exist many difficulty, need time section checkmate, among them the most outstanding is the blemish with furniture inherent industry -- " formaldehyde problem " , because be in furniture line of business, especially line of business of board type furniture, with man-made board is main base material, be like plywood, joinery board, particieboard, medium fine board, these plank are become by bind of lumber leftover material, broken end, do not have when make can avoid the ground to want to use gum of Niao aldehyde colophony. And this kind of glue can release go on a journey to leave formaldehyde, cause product formaldehyde very easily to exceed the phenomenon of mark. Because still do not have better sticky mixture to replace glue of Niao aldehyde colophony at present, because this formaldehyde problem also became furniture industry,headache most " dense disease " .

    Although the country was this to publish a series of occupation standard, ask furniture company must set according to GB for instance: Use formaldehyde releases the E1 class plank of the 1.5mg/L that measure ≤ , or must use the E2 class board that releases the 5.0mg/L that measure ≤ at indoor formaldehyde through finishing ability, issued domestic highest standard at the same time by the green attestation of accredit of total bureau of national environmental protection -- " 10 annulus attestation " , but the problem still appears ceaselessly. Because at present whole country has level of industry environmental protection,still not be very unified, this makes a few did not have the enterprise that backward, capital is not worth facilities of professional knowledge, production to get chance, forge sham environmental protection product or green certificate of products through all sorts of channel, the product is peddled in the market, beguiling consumer. And these problems can make the focal point that country of period of time will have industry repair henceforth.

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