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    The 100 power that how live condemn of public opinion of experience China type t

    来源: 作者:Stand originally 时间:2008-12-22 Tag: 点击:

    On July 8, 2007, famous building materials sells a condemn a 100 press conferences that how reside hold in Guangzhou. Before this on June 29, the 100 suppliers that how reside are in Beijing already go ahead of the rest holds a press conference, contracts of 100 An Juba king reach condemn default payment for goods. So far, to the 100 condemn that how reside, solemn the situation of echo of north and south.

    Regard Europe as lead building materials company, 100 how to reside since entering China oneself rapid dilate, created 60 stores in 27 cities early or late, have many 10000 stuff, many 1200 supplier. Nowadays, the front is facing the conflict of the most serious shopkeeper and supplier.

    The 0 PK that offer both sides

    Once was 100 the Yadier that how resides the mainest supplier, with 100 how to reside close cooperation nearly 6 carry, acted the part of the fuse in this incident however, and already with 100 install house situation to be the same as extreme misery.

    On June 5, employee collective goes to Yadier 100 how to dwell Shanghai headquarters display one's strength, dun defaults Yadier nearly 18 million yuan RMB payment for goods. Morrow, yadier is avowed Xiang Baian house stops to offer money inside countrywide limits.

    To Yadier's radical move, official of birthday of general manager Cui puts forward Yadier right 100 what how reside is accuse at 2 o'clock: One of, sales of 100 An Juchao city deduct a point exorbitant; Secondly, 100 how to reside default phenomenon of payment for goods serious.

    "Elegant 100 " after contradiction is made public, dimension of Nuo of charm of totemic treasure beautiful, Europe, Haosaier, grand be able to bear or endure the floor so the 100 suppliers that how reside also are answered in succession, those who become Yadier is affined. Held a supplier finally group the press conference that has condemn supplier, uncover this one incident quickly to the public.

    Bite the tongue all the time at first 100 how to reside, it is under the pressure of the sound of public opinion, issue statement to media. Statement alleges, 100 how to reside had taken action, will mention to relevant court civil suit, sue Yadier one-sided terminates agreement, cause consumer and 100 how to reside legal interest damage.

    In addition, 100 how to reside still think Yadier the collective demonstrate June 5 is employee pair of 100 concussion that how reside Shanghai headquarters, send 100 how to reside employee to get hurt, this matter already also mentioned to relevant court tort lawsuit.

    Cui Shouguan still discloses to the reporter, besides default payment for goods, 100 how to reside still ask ambry enterprise must achieve the sale that keep a copy, and return bit of year after year that deduct interest increase. From 2004 18% increase to 33% 2006. 2007, it is to achieve more 37.2% . In addition, annual the sales promotion of 51 wants subtract 10% , 100 how to reside decorate to design a center to also want to buckle 6% , such 100 how to reside from the supplier the accumulative total that deduct a point is as high as 53.2% possibly even.

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