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    Disease of dense of formaldehyde of furniture line of business is difficult solv

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    Health and environmental protection already were the first selection that modern consumes. On the choice of man-made plank people pays close attention to more " formaldehyde " this one healthy hidden trouble. In the meantime, the country installed the formaldehyde problem of the industry to give height to take seriously to furniture home, the industry such as domestic furniture and domestic outfit has released formaldehyde standard and international to conform, made strict provision to its. The new-style man-made that all sorts of low formaldehyde that at present home appears on the market release a quantity board, got welcome extensively. But even if these new-style man-made board, removing formaldehyde to release a quantity also is to be E1 grade level only, still the requirement of very inaccessible environmental protection. And plank of new-style environmental protection " straw board " , its formaldehyde releases a quantity to detect through international, do not contain other any contaminant.

    As we have learned, at present home market, qing Dabo grinds to take the lead in using straw board to roll out plank of 0 formaldehyde series. The straw plank of this new technology production uses gum is not traditional Niao aldehyde glue, and those who use is the MDI gum that is used at producing leatheroid formerly, this kind of glue besides containing formaldehyde, after manufacturing process reacts solidify ends, nonexistent also any other contaminant, make the top class product that exceeds target of world best environmental protection. But the 15-20 that the price of MDI glue is Niao aldehyde glue times, the plank cost that produces 0 formaldehyde so is very high also. The far outclass of the force that grasp a hammer of straw board is medium on the other hand beaverboard. Detect make clear 2 times what can achieve it, belong to high strenth plank. What additionally straw board uses is fiber is not straw of grass, wheat, paddy fiber record is made after passing treatment, add the adhesive with extremely superior performance, the plank that so production comes out just on all sorts of function index can with in beaverboard and particieboard are rivalled. In fact, of formaldehyde the biggest drawback that exceeding a quantity to release is man-made plank and its goods all the time, and Qing Dabo grinds " 0 formaldehyde Mai Daojie stalk board " research and development raised occupation standard, the market prospect of the product is sure very capacious.

    Enter the China of 21 centuries, those who accompanying industrialized process is ceaseless accelerate, urban pollution is more serious, especially the wall outside bare building and interior of more and more luxurious all-pervading are decorated. All sorts of dust in atmosphere adhere to the appearance in the building, the immediate effect of all sorts of caustic material, make building appearance suffers the pollution with different level, the figure that affected a city badly and beautiful. In the meantime, as people material standard of living rise ceaselessly, "Beautiful money buys cleanness " making hasten of general trends place and a kind of new consumption style stage by stage. Lots and lots of activity of economy, politics, culture also is stimulating what major scours the market quickly to expand. Trade of the artistic moral integrity with each district various items, Cultural Festival, classics negotiates activity of meeting, capital attraction, also make the buyer's market situation that plank market appears a hearten making a person. Our country government promotes patriotic and wholesome activity actively, want every year to undertake establishing activity of national sanitation city; Be aimed at mechanism, factory and service industry year answer the wholesome appraise through comparison of a year, activity that amount to mark, give be pregnant with considerable market. The investment field that because this board industry already began to become,provides appeal and development perspective extremely, getting the high attention of more and more investor and favour.

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