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    Flicker of Ou Man floor should be done by brand of the quiet room that return th

    来源: 作者:Stand originally 时间:2008-12-22 Tag: 点击:

    One is called " Ou Man " floor brand, be in unexpectedly domestic north of 4 annulus inn newest in adjusting, be retreated by dim Qing Dynasty. Remember this brand dimly once " scene " the CCTV passes on the ground, not be dozen of advertisement nevertheless, however by exposure the jacket that its brand wore a Germany.

    With Ou Man the colour of an exposure butterfly with King Kong Ou De was stripped " Germany " after garment unlined upper garment, the brand appears pale, voice was lost in a year of this past, did not have the right to speak of their boss more in public circumstance.

    By the brand of CCTV exposure mostly cannot die. Of firm flicker of that heart borrowing Guo " platoon Tibetan secret is oily " be afraid is again also nobody dare be bought, guo Degang this " be not actor of notable cross talk " a suit coquettish that goes up to cast off Dai Yan to offend, still be oneself to explain in ground of the be foul-mouthed on rich guest up to now. A few years ago that is drawing near the acoustics of Danish brand swagger through the street, also became a dumb person already, disappear from the scene in the market. Probably these " martyr people " " sacrifice " the brand employer that a bit cannot affect those toppling to go or organizer, they earn early sufficient silver, change a project to come again how?

    "Flicker " still be like a wind to be like the ground to be being blown in household group. Has not that is called grand benefit learned adornment company of Beijing worn to oneself " is Beijing consumer society at ease decorate affirmatory enterprise " cap? In intense competition, grand benefit learned is unaltered ineludible with east Yi Richeng, yuan continent, the corner with the bigger and bigger difference of domestic outfit tycoon such as dragon hair. Nowadays, a few little known furniture brands, do not weigh top grade card at all, OK coronal with " brand of a list of names posted up on CCTV " renown date covers a person publicly. More or less do this have some of sigh letting a person: How does social progress fail to drive those to hope the people that get rich goes the route that honesty becomes rich?

    It is likewise by CCTV exposure, the brand that has a transnational corporation lets a person however be filled with deep esteem, its name cries " Nuojiya " . 2007 " 3 · 15 " on the evening party, a Nuojiya the mobile phone is uncovered ceaseless " drop a skin " . But if you go to beauty of Su Ning, country medium perhaps dispatch of telegram in reply looks, be before Nuojiya's shop all the same is poll assemble moved? Does people choose a mobile phone to regard first selection as Nuojiya all the same?

    A right brand, what be the first to be affected wants is honest. Ou Man people dishonest, people can reject to buy sheet for its product; Grand benefit learned is dishonest, was destined it evens more to exhibit bottleneck even more hard. All along honest Nuojiya, some product gave dot issue, busy incessantly ground gives retreat change long, the brand is arrogant still gas is towering. This ability is the real value of the brand.

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