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    Contracts of 100 An Juba king reach condemn of 5 suppliers combination default p

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    Yesterday, dimension of Nuo of charm of beautiful of treasure of Yadier, totem, Europe, grand be able to bear or endure, beautiful gallop wait for 5 suppliers to initiate contracts of pair of 100 An Juba king and the condemn that default money issue jointly. They express, 100 how to reside ask ambry enterprise must achieve the sale that keep a copy not only, return collection of concoct various pretexts all sorts of charge, this makes the enterprise is forced to rise in price jerry perhaps, harmed the interest of consumer. 100 how to reside release statement to say subsequently, one-sided breaks Yadier goods, dispersed and disloyal message, cause consumer and 100 how to reside legal interest damage.


    Buckle a paragraph to come to owe more 100 how to occupy cash

    Yesterday, hutch of association of Chinese building adornment defends society of market of project committee, Beijing to live in business association of branch, Beijing hutch defends industry chamber of commerce, China to built adornment net to hold a theme to be jointly " household industry carries out 5 ministries and commissions 6 years 17 order and supplier combine condemn 100 how.

    On the meeting, shanghai Cuishou of general manager of limited company of things of house act the role ofing's official shows Yadier, 100 how to reside ask ambry enterprise must achieve the sale that keep a copy not only, return a dot to buckle benefit to return year after year to increase. From 2004 18% increase to the 33%.2007 2006 year, it is to achieve more 37.2% . In addition, annual the sales promotion of 51 wants subtract 10% , 100 how to reside decorate to design a center to also want to buckle 6% , such 100 how to reside from the supplier the accumulative total that deduct a point is as high as 53.2% . "To the supplier, want to discount gain of the implementation on the dot in the 100 high specified numbers that how rank, can jerry perhaps fool case of raise up the price, but this kind of means is sure to harm consumer interest. " Cui Shouguan says, "In the contract, the regulation that asks the supplier completes sale is violated with the 17 order photograph of 5 ministries and commissions. " Cui Shouguan says, 100 how to reside 2005-2006 year reveal cost, installation to serve all sorts of items such as cost to deduct Yadier through sales promotion many yuan 600, these deduct a money and did not reflect in the contract. The Spring Festival began 2007, 100 how to reside still default Yadier ambry many yuan 560 payment for goods.

    This year 51 before evacuate 100 how reside grand be able to bear or endure Song Hui of floor president assistant expresses, 100 how reside deduct a money very fierce, the supplier often is the project deducting a money that before to the ability when settle accounts discovery has a lot of, does not know, payment for goods is deducted indescribably, show on Zhang face sometimes grand be able to bear or endure to still be owed 100 how to occupy cash. "The contract 2007 grand be able to bear or endure already impossible again with 100 how to live add lot, throw morer otherwise the loss is bigger. " Song Hui says.

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