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    100 An Juxiu changes 2007 edition contract suddenly turn hostile of items of 4%

    来源: 作者:Stand originally 时间:2008-12-22 Tag: 点击:

    Although 100 An Jufang face expresses, "The contract that signed with the supplier in May 2006 does not disobey what 5 ministries and commissions promulgated the country last year in November on time " method of buying operation of shopkeeper supplier fairness " (next weighing " method " ) " , dan Yiya dimension of Nuo of charm of beautiful of treasure of Dill, totem, Europe, grand be able to bear or endure, beautiful gallop the Chinese supplier that head or right 100 how to reside purchased a contract to raise intense doubt 2007.

    The supplier says, supplier of the requirement in the 100 contracts that how live must have the sale that keep a copy, return a dot to buckle benefit to also want year after year to increase, and the supplier that achieves target to failing, 100 An Juzhao appearance are deducted by index specified number return a dot, in addition, 100 how to reside constant still meeting with paying " coerce " the supplier signs a contract. Meanwhile, 100 how to reside still buckle to the supplier take the charge with all sorts of various items, holding cost scale exceeded 50% .

    Yesterday, " daily of the first finance and economics " from 100 how to reside Chinese company to learn, for with " method " conform, 100 how to reside right already new this year one season purchases a contract to undertake be adjustmented accordingly.

    New edition increases " affirmatory book "

    "Cent is the 100 contracts that how live general provision and special provision, the content that special provision contains basically is commercial condition, purchase condition and pay content. " 100 how to reside Chinese division business to transmit senior manager Xu Yixiang's reporter to express, because close to be lengthened with settling time this year, to improve work efficiency, 100 how to reside come out the core problem that commercial provision concerns in special provision independently, form alone " affirmatory book " talk with the supplier first. " affirmatory book " without contract effectiveness, the relevant number after negotiating and content will be reductive in formal treaty wording.

    Yadierdi offers the 2007 year to the reporter " affirmatory book " show, 100 how to reside a requirement lowermost sale contained this company 2007 duty 66 million yuan, beforehand appraise gross profit is led 28% , cost entering the arena every inn 15 thousand yuan. A when master in reporter hand " VBA(returned a dot to deduct interest 2006) the negotiation plans " (next weighing " plan " ) show, 100 how to reside already will not accord with " method " the income outside the contract dishs up in a new form, the share is for instance additional income (4%) already turned into VBA to return profit in, 100 how to reside incidental expenses to also decrease accordingly, utmost ground merges into VBA. The extra income besides VBA already by 6.7% decrease substantially 2.7% , write a contract.

    This " affirmatory book " period of efficacy comes Yadier and 100 how to reside sign when purchasing a contract 2007, or classics 100 when An Jushu face agrees to be replaced with new affirmatory book, or suppliers of 100 announcement of An Jushu face are not signed with its when purchasing a contract 2007, stop, be like above 3 kinds of cases all did not appear to come to stopped on December 31, 2007.

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