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    Furniture material pledges dispute complains Youshangsheng consumer should learn

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    Last week, from Shanghai bureau of industrial and commercial administration in incoming telegram of 12315 hot lines, shanghai disappear is protected appoint accepted consumer to complain 1632, concern furniture among them complain rise somewhat.

    In light of the condition that reflects from consumer, complain main concentration is the issue with furniture simple material. Before consumer cogongrass young lady paragraph she bought time a furniture that by Shanghai Shen Tian furniture a minute of factory manufactures. When buying, the salesperson introduces this furniture is completely real wood make, without stick a face to stick a skin. But, after manufacturer deliver goods, cogongrass young lady discovers furniture has a pungent taste. She thinks this is the flavour of new furniture originally, ventilated blow blow had met. But full 3 months went, furniture of a complete set of still is smell is blocked hard. For this, cogongrass young lady asks to exchange with manufacturer connection for many times, but the other side replies she is again ventilated a few months are good.

    About the quality of furniture, the country had already mandatory national level, total bureau of national qualitative check and national standardization managed committee to come on stage jointly 2004 " furniture service instruction " . Stipulate the furniture that manufactures after October 1, 2004 must want to have service instruction clearly. But, complain in the consumption that certain level still exists in furniture consumption. Accordingly, city disappear is protected appoint think, furniture of businessman production, sale should be carried out strictly according to national regulation, should assure to have " furniture service instruction " , abide by service instruction, ensure the know the inside story of consumer counterpoises.

    Here, city disappear is protected appoint warn broad customer, when buying custom-built perhaps furniture, ought to look first " furniture service instruction " , be in especially when checking and accept, should ask for lawfully more, contrast carefully. To doing not have " furniture service instruction " , consumer can reject to check and accept, also can protect committee to complain to various consumer rights and interests.

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