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    Rise in price blindly amlposition of occurrence supply and demand of the market

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    However, the condition that reflects from company of a few intermediary looks, partial landlord climbs the setting that rise to leave blind price in house price apparently, bring about hire exorbitant and make room source cannot rent normally. And this kind of circumstance basically divides again it is two kinds: It is to take no account of building periphery to hire room client group can susceptive is reasonable price, highbrow on hire price decide superhigh price; 2 be establishment of poor, form a complete set is compared to fall relative to the premise of lag in surroundings, blind devoted more capital undertakes decorating to the building, make hire fixed position high thereby unusual, this kind of landlord is not at present rarely seen on the market that rent. For instance, landlord yellow gentleman the house of two-room flat clothbound that in street of 3 pagoda trees some village has an area to make an appointment with 60 square metre, he ever cost 20 thousand yuan of new to this house outfit to repair September this year, raised rent 1000 yuan from 600 yuan, before intermediary took tens of renown clients early or late, go to however see a room, every time the client discovers this room is located in an environment sanitation very bad, personnel is more mixed and disorderly after waiting for a circumstance, continuously two months will be willing to lease this next buildings without the person.

    The expert raises action: The building is rented should master 5 big character

    When intermediary company accepts a reporter to interview about chief, a few brands express, in house price involves the setting that rise since second half of the year, at present the hire price of the Chengdu market that rent also is in be faced with a new adjustment period. So, how should evaluate hire price correctly to landlord? To renting a settle or live in a strange place character, how should recognize the building hire value of relevant section again? Chengdu is suitable gallop concerned controller thinks, the both sides that rent should abide by the following 5 kinds of character:

    The first kind: Trade on the market most active is with multilayer the building covers 2 model the room source that gives priority to force. This kind of building appears piece bear hire demand to be more than rental supply, can say whole market all the time in short supply this kind of building, current the lunar hire of this kind of building is in commonly 1200 ~ 1500 yuan.

    The 2nd kind: Landlord and bear those who hire square contradictory dot to be highlighted most is cell and cover this kind of one small family model elevator apartment, hack room source is more, the price is more expensive, strength of group of this kind of consumption is more, but must have stronger economic capacity, because this is true can susceptive client group is not much also. The hire of this kind of building is in commonly 1000 yuan of above, ” of “ lone noble or sweethearts have what can bear to rise rarely, and to married crowd, what this kind of building cannot satisfy them again is basic live, accordingly ideal lunar hire should be in 600 ~ 1200 yuan between.
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