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    Rise in price blindly amlposition of occurrence supply and demand of the market

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    Amlposition of supply and demand: Rental rate only 10 %

    Basis rich room is praedial offerred data, nearly 3 months come, the lunar hire that this company place registers makes an appointment with more than 2000 in the room source of 2000 yuan of above, include other intermediary company to rent inside, rent successfully in all more than 200, successful rental rate is made an appointment with 10% . Lunar hire is in 1200 ~ 1800 yuan between, the room source that the client carries in be aimed at is 3800, advocate if architectural is multilayer after 1990 the residence or in small family apartment, include to pass company of intermediary of this company etc or landlord to be hired oneself wait for a form inside, room source is current and gross successful hack 390, rental rate is less than 11% . Rent below in 900 yuan to lunar hire room source, nearly 3 months register 2060 in all, through a variety of means at present successful hack is 270 only, rental rate is occupied about 13% . Meanwhile, nearly 3 this company months register beg hire information to make an appointment with 600 ~ every week 700 people, into hire rate occupy about 8% .

    Meanwhile, the reporter is arranged from branch of area of 21 centuries Chengdu, Chengdu gallop wait for intermediary company know, second half of the year involves the setting that rise ceaselessly in hire, high-end client group the client is carried in mixing group rental rate is in respectively 10% ~ fluctuate inside the 15% limits between. With compare first half of the year, corresponding client of medium, high end group rental rate all falls somewhat, and low end client group rental rate rose about 5% . At the same time relevant data makes clear, performance of the Chengdu building market that rent is most apparent since the near future is, think hack house cannot be hired inside very long period of time, and the person that is eager to renting a house truly is hired very hard however flexibly house, the building is rental with begged lease to show a miniature supply and demand to contradict, its are ” of amlposition of supply and demand of a kind of “ essentially.

    Case study: Hire fixed position loses contact with reality demand

    A few days ago, reporter from rich room branch of area of Chengdu of praedial, 21 centuries, Chengdu is arranged gallop wait for brand intermediary company to understand, chengdu house price passes 6 ~ August go up period hind, the room source hire of the market that rent appeared really the growth of certain extent. Inside normal limits, the high-grade building of client of corresponding high end dish every square metre goes up in 5 % ~ 12% between, the residential building that the client carries in correspondence every square metre goes up in 5 % ~ 10% between, and corresponding the room source that with low end the client is the mainstream every square metre goes up in 3 % ~ 8% between. This goes up a rule and door model the element be closely bound up such as area size, a sector of an area and establishment of circumjacent area form a complete set, the unit of room source rental with the bigger area below coequal condition goes up smaller, the room source hire with smaller area goes up bigger, especially of 80 square metre of 40 ~ set mix cover two-room flat to be tightened most in the market spruce.
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