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    Rise in price blindly amlposition of occurrence supply and demand of the market

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    “ others on hire of month of a house 10 thousand yuan, is for what my house hired thousands of yuan do not go out? Mr Yang does not see the proprietor of cabinet of peak of ” Lin river all the time this mystery is round. A few days ago, reporter from rich room branch of area of Chengdu of praedial, 21 centuries, Chengdu is arranged gallop wait for know of brand intermediary company, the building that Chengdu leases the market to be in those who experience the 3rd quarter to climb the landlord of ——— of amlposition of supply and demand that certain dimensions appeared after rising is hired do not go out, and hire a guest to be hired very hard again flexibly house. Industry expert thinks, the chummage price of the current Chengdu market that rent is lying a new adjustment period, rental room source is due a scientific and reasonable fixed position.

    Near future window: “ overgrowth of amount of ” of 10 thousand yuan of rooms

    “ is the closest 3 months, the lunar hire that our company register shares many 100 in the residential house source of 10 thousand yuan of above, but rent successfully only till today 1! ” yesterday, rich room is praedial the Cai manager of resource development department is announced to our newspaper, the room of on lunar hire 10 thousand is very little before June, but nearly 3 months come as house price climb litre, appeared early or late many month hire the rental room of 10 thousand yuan of above. Among them, cabinet of Lin river peak, medium the apartment of sea famous city and swan lake garden kind the residence appeared increasing month hire is in 1 ~ 20 thousand yuan house, the category villa such as house of Kang Jun, royal garden, 3 benefit or villatic month hire differ 48 thousand yuan in 1.5 ~ . Arrange according to branch of area of 21 centuries Chengdu and Chengdu gallop the data that waits for this landlord to want intermediary company statistic, crossed the Fangyuan of 10 thousand to give Jiang Feng of famous city of the sea in now, Lin generally with forthcoming month hire July peninsula of house of garden of lake of impression of garden of cabinet, China, river bank, swan, 3 benefit, Kang Jun, Jin Lin, appear early or late between 3 months 1000 or so, door model the area is basic between 400 square metre of 120 ~ . The circumstance that decorates from these houses looks, basically undertook luxurious clothbound, the room cause that gives lease to go truly however is in only 1% the left and right sides.

    Below “ normal circumstance, these names dish lunar hire is in more 3000 ~ 5000 yuan between. Shu Ning of manager of department of market of branch of area of ”21 century Chengdu expresses, nearly a few months come partial landlord fixes a price blindly, but can bear truly the client of hire of 10 thousand yuan of above group very little, a few landlord decorate cost price to amount to ten reach hundred thousands of yuan, but can not win get one's own back of high specified number on hire certainly.
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