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    What law problem should note when signing the contract that rent a house?

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    In the building before formal complete a business transaction, trade both sides ought to sign " the contract that rent " , this has profit to both sides. Sign a contract to look a little troublesome at that time, but the thing that beforehand has a character, both sides is done by the agreement, have a tie to both sides, after can making little appear to contradict needlessly, also have when occurrence contradiction according to can be being checked, avoid to appear to be bothered greatly.
    The building rents a contract to belong to the praedial contract that rent, a kind be the contract that rent. According to our country " contract law " the 212nd: The contract that rent is lessor uses tenant of consign of the content that rent, accrual, tenant pays the contract of hire. The building contract that rent is a kind of affirmatory contract, that is to say, once the contract is signed, have legal sanction to bilateral party namely, lessor answer not only on time the building of the content that consign regards mark as, and the use purpose that the building of consign should accord with an agreement.
    The lessor in the building contract that rent is the everybody of the building commonly, but not everybody of be confined to. Every enjoys the person of legal use to the content of mark, the thing that has the label that authority uses his turns to be used by other, make letter. Tenant does not advocate the contract is invalid for the droit of do not enjoy with lessor building, reject to pay rent, can ask lessor undertakes the responsibility of breach of contract of nonperformance contract only. In the meantime, " contract law " the 224th: Tenant classics lessor agrees, can give the 3rd person relet of the content that rent.
    Of tenant relet, the renting contract between tenant and lessor continues effective, the 3rd person causes losing to renting content, tenant ought to recoup a loss. This one clause stipulated the relet of tenant counterpoises, explain tenant wants to have the legal authorization of lessor only, OK also the right of exercise part lessor, the exercise that is its right only should be restricted certainly.
    According to our country " urban estate administers a law " , the building is rented must sign the contract that rent by bilateral party not only, and should put on record to house property management department. The building is rented in if one party fastens estate to run a company, criterion its rent an activity to should undertake in local estate bourse. Because the building is specific thing, both sides should make clear the quality of the content of conventional mark and amount in the contract that rent. The establishment of form a complete set that quality points to the interior of the building is tectonic, use building materials, corresponding, the area that the amount points to a building, number.
    This is the main provision of the building contract that rent, also be the basis of hire of rental square collection. If rent,just cannot not accord with stipulation according to the content of the mark of the content of conventional consign mark or consign, for example building area and contract agreement have an error, the content of the symptom that should treat rental square pay is imperfect, tenant can ask to find out the responsibility of breach of contract of the other side, can adopt written form to inform the other side asks to remove contract, OK also and bilateral classics talks things over reduce hire, change contract content.
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