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    Hire a room to be read surely

    来源: 作者:Stand originally 时间:2008-12-22 Tag: 点击:
    Hire a room to whether intermediary is participated in no matter, ask a netizen to note the following problem, lest produce issue
    One: Rent a house normal procedure
    1 both sides signs the contract that rent
    2 house-owner examine lodger id card, (Can affirm Id) to public security bureau. Ask for Xerox as contract accessory.
    3 lodger examine proof of house-owner property right (can produce bourse to undertake affirming to place) , house-owner Id (can affirm Id to public security bureau. House-owner Id (can affirm Id to public security bureau..
    Those who reach two card is unified (namely the property right person of property right card and Id are identical) . Ask for Xerox as contract accessory.
    4 contracts sign (house-owner square) the property right person with property right card is same. Be like not identical the acting a power of attorney that needs to have property right person.
    5 deal with close when hiring a contract, need to house-owner agrees with rental proof just.
    6 if house-owner asks to pay deposit, also need to examine above certificate please, general deposit does not exceed 20% of lunar hire.

    2: Hire a room to note a drop:
    1 cannot offer property right (original) house-owner is not believed
    Card of 2 property right and Id are incorrect of date do not believe
    3 confirm Id number to abode public security bureau.
    4 to house appoint meeting (or neighbour) understanding landlord circumstance. Examine a description whether as identical as house-owner.
    The 5 subscription that if house-owner asks one year to pay chummage to perhaps ask,pay your writing, such circumstances are about special caution.

    3: Is Li of muching excessive cane rotten foolish does Qiang of Bi of  of bank of the Gan of paddle of  of pen chloric Song that stew putting in order go go to?
    It is facilitating management and the protection to party rights and interests, our country is executed to the building contract that rent at present register put on record system. Basis " Shanghai building rents byelaw " regulation, the building party that rent is inside 15 days after signing the contract that rent, the party that rent holds the contract that rent and building of concerned material expect to be in estate of area, county to trade the center is dealt with register put on record, but the building inside limits of Shanghai state-operated farm, the estate that the contract that rent sets in farm system by city real estate department trades register accept place (next weighing that farm system is accepted place) deal with register put on record.

    Dealing with register put on record when formalities, want to submit following data: Evidence of 1 , estate authority is other perhaps authority belongs to a proof; If will flow outwards,move personnel hack, the building that still should add door of the Ministry of Public Security to extend rents public security licence; 2, the registration book proof of the individual identification of lessor or enterprise, other organization; If belong to mutual building hack, still ought to refer other and mutual person to agree with hack to prove; Entrust hack, should refer entrust a contract; Acting hack, should refer building droit the person entrusts acting hack proof; 3, tenant is being dealt with register put on record the portion proves a person that he should refer when formalities or the registration book of enterprise, other organization proves. No matter be lessor or tenant, in referred individual identification, the Chinese citizen that lives in abroad ought to refer passport of valid People's Republic of China; The individual of Hong Kong, Macao, ought to refer harbor, bay pass of dweller come-and-go inland; Taiwan individual, ought to refer pass of mainland of Taiwan dweller contact; Course of study of condition foreign enterprise, other organization, ought to refer classics notarization or the registration book proof of attestation.
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