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    Landlord attention: Vigilant " the cheater that rent a house " a few old way of

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    Here, if you want,the personage inside course of study reminds the person that rent a house consign is a good deal of year hire, had better not cursory, ought to differentiate from the following the true bogus of house-owner: The first, ask house-owner to show identity document, number of households and total population this original, because many cheater use false Id bunco now, and photograph comparing discriminates original and photocopy more easily; The 2nd, ask house-owner to show building right to belong to proof original, be like property right card or be use card, if property right card is in conduction process, ought to show what sign with unit of former property right to buy room contract so; The 3rd, make house-owner much introduce house and the state with circumjacent village, from house-owner of the understanding between the way one speaks or what he says the fundamental condition of whether hep house; The 4th, from all round neighbour place flank knows building and house-owner state, look to whether be belonged to solid.
    Additional, the lease of the agreement that rent a house that cheater signs with former house-owner normally is extremely short, they must be finished inside a month put an advertisement, search a series of activities such as chummage of fraud of tenant, design, diddle, so cheater fears time is used not quite most. Their helper target is capable to pay year of businessmen that hire and white-collar public figure normally, because former often regard living place as storeroom, ordinary common people does not wish to hire a room to give them; And latter does not like to be disturbed, slant overweight contract, do not love to know other condition however. Cheater holds this kind of state of mind of the person that rent a house just about, set next trap, when see a room, he can tell you the house is very close spruce, it is to look for “ to hold in the palm even ” is being grabbed together order, next he can let you make a decision immediately in a day or two, otherwise “ house did not have ” . Below critical condition, the consideration of people often not quite comprehensive, and consign year because pursue cheap,the reason that hire is most also is, however this petty gain perhaps can let you the loss outweights the gain. So, each person that rent a house is in hand in year when hiring, must careful, also can adopt the way that pays earnest money of partial break a contact, attempt and house-owner discuss season to pay rent.
    How does rental room avoid legal dispute
    1. house-owner should hold " card of building property right " , only the droit talent of the building enjoys the accrual of this building to counterpoise. If be to suffer building host (person of building property right) entrust era its are rental of the building, should have the written a power of attorney of house-owner. If be relet, ought to ask for beforehand those who get house-owner is written agree, otherwise, the contract that the person signs blame building droit is namely invalid, cannot be protected by law. If you want to already will buy public house to rent, but had not handled property right card, house-owner can open relevant proof from the unit. In the meantime, because buy a house when not gold of pay land sell one's own things, from jural tell, should the land accrual turn over to the higher authorities that will include in hire. But press current concerned regulation, can rent by confidential temporarily.
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