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    Safe and convenient buy the 5 big reason that show a house

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    Now room and period room, if you want to buy a house, can you choose which? Look seem simple question actually very the person that let buy a house expends consider. The capital security that buys a house, afraid sodden poop deck appears etc, already made the general psychology appearance of the person that buy a house currently. What is to show a house? Say simply, when showing consumer is being bought namely, have buy the commodity house that can enter namely. Be in building city is at present general low below confused condition, look so that see to feel those who getting to show a room to become the product form that the person that buy a house is at ease most undoubtedly. So, show a room after all what to profit there is? Recently, the reporter goes Chengdu ministry of building of many carry out showing a house, the spot interviewed the aspirations of a few purchaser showing a house.

       Reason 1 but risk of avoid sodden poop deck

    Chen Saixing: Some network engineer buys Chengdu now building: New residence of li of · clique gram

    Old before, chengdu ever appeared tens of sodden poop deck, up to now sodden poop deck has not be over complete go back to work. Once sodden poop deck makes popular feeling strange lingering fear, suffer a room to shift the impact of influence of adjusting control, macroscopical economy and seismic calamity now, the capital pressure that develops business grows day and day, the project of a few small companies that do not have brand force is the object that the masses oppugns above all, was big company to be planted as much by this psychological interference. Just build showing a house is the kind of buy course of study that has conviction most undoubtedly, accordingly, I chose when buying a house new of residence of li of · clique gram show a house.

    The reporter comments on: Buying a house is domestic important matter, below the condition that meets insecurity of capital of business of cold, development in current building city, buy show a room to having realer sense really. Buy show a house not only can avoid " sodden poop deck " risk, still can detect through technical measure at the same time the quality that as soon as possible discovers a building is reliable, can buy really be at ease.

       2 buildings space understands reason visible

    Jiang Xiaomei: Chief inspector of design of some ad firm buys Chengdu building dish: 10 thousand amount to · bright and beautiful China city

    I bought two houses, it is small family model, oneself stayed in now, another preparation rented. When I buy the first house, it is one shows a house definitely, already main body seals a top, I am wearing safety helmet to enter the building of construction namely at that time, saw a house size of space of many rooms interior, such I just can put a person's mind to make the sheet below money. Buy those who show a house the most auspicious place, it is OK the eye sees for solid, the house that sees oneself buy OK and clearly door model after all good, the size of each rooms is proper.

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