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    16 kinds of reason decide that he must buy a house now

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    Had the accurate judgement to the market just about, ability of Chengdu evening paper is bold and strong rolled out 16 kinds of argument that buy a house now. These 16 kinds of reason take up a political career respectively all many sided such as the progress of demand of government office, policy, macroscopical economy, market, city, person that buy a house, open trade undertake inducing summing up, it is the person that buy a house to bought a room to provide sufficient reason and basis. Be in spring during handing in meeting advent, " now, 16 kinds of argument that must buy a house " situation of city of building of clear instantly of li of the person that large plan buys those who be course of study having place the house and prospective trend provide judgement and cognitive basis. Buy the room, doubt that chooses the many sided such as the room in the light of the person that buy a house at the same time, cooperate spring hand in meeting, provide the service of the the the directest, stereoest, most meticulous in a subtle way, be aimed at dish, we also will be offerred objective and true, have conviction extremely buy argument.

        Reason 1: Policy adjusting control

    Health of city of watchtower of look forward to stabilizes development

    Governmental every time publishs adjusting control policy is development of health of hope building city, stabilize the person that buy a house, and health of city of building of China of puissant also support stabilizes the economy that Chinese high speed expands development. Although financial side will continue from tight monetary policy, below the circumstance that demand of Dan Zaigang sex exists objectively, the country also is encouraged capable the development that develops business to have specific aim accords with product of demand of the person that buy a house. The market development posture of any health can have rise and fall, wait-and-see and low the theme that confusing a likelihood is a certain phase, but won't forever abidance goes down especially real estate.

       Reason 2: Government

    Encourage value real estate

    The stability of estate market can bring more development advantages for local government. On one hand real estate is tremendous to GDP contribution of the place, the development that more important is estate can close to the development that changes into the city undertakes urban construction, because this gets all the time of local government take seriously. And the development of estate is having close connection with all trades and professions all the time, all the time since having economy " thermometer " action, so if estate market goes now slippery shrink, the development that affecting relevant couplet industry directly. No matter be local government or country,hope estate health is stable growth.

       Reason 3: Rigid demand

    With all possible means city of building of Chengdu of push forward of buy trade demand

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