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    Secondhand how does room loan avoid mine field is single than married more not e

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    The level that borrows money about room of the 2nd ring in each bank falls in succession when deciding, the reporter discovers in interview, now already is the 2nd flatlet not merely loan requirement is very slashing, actually many banks had stopped secondhand the room borrows money, a few banks of rare survival are aimed at secondhand room loan is already dark also set " doorsill " . The personage inside course of study reminds say, the near future plans to buy secondhand the owner of the room, buy the detailed rules that bank loan policy must know first before the room, clever escape mine field, or signed a contract not to borrow money miserable.

       90 does smooth rice pay with right-hand seat two into already cancelled?

    Miss Zhu is wait-and-see very long, plan to buy in Nanjing eventually secondhand room. Her at hand has 100 thousand yuan of ready money, the house head that listens to a friend to if buy,say 90 square metre are the following all the time pays need only two into, such calculating come she can buy a house of 500 thousand. According to at present Nanjing advocate the price quotations of the city, what Miss Zhu can buy a 60 square metre to control is secondhand room.

    She goes to the near future the demand buying a house that an intermediary registered him near Ruijin road, the house total prices that she tells 100 thousand head of state to Fu Neng pays quite after agent asks her clear detailed capital state can be in 330 thousand yuan to fluctuate only, in advocate the cell that the city can buy a 40 square metre only is covered pretty good, and time cannot too long did not borrow money otherwise.

    Original, introduce according to this agent, each Nanjing bank all asks 90 square metre are the following now room source head Fu Sancheng, loan is highest scale is only 7 into, more bank is borrow according to evaluating the price actually of room source to put, be not worth 7 become issues to be able to be found everywhere.

    Room of the bank that start line of business borrows a personage of the ministry to tell a reporter, 90 square metre are the following and secondhand room head pays from two into carry to 3 becoming also is before paragraph make clear among time policy, main purpose still is to reduce bank risk.

       Lone than married more not easy loan?

    Because fear price of next year house still is met advance rapidly, mr Li near future and cummer are seeking a room everywhere. On the net, they took a fancy to road of a the Yangtse River around secondhand room, area 90 square metre, total prices 950 thousand yuan. OK below parental support head pay 300 thousand, 650 thousand yuan when remain should borrow money basically. Mr Li sought advice from Industrial and Commercial Bank of China subbranch of a bank of market of Chinese government office, result room borrows the answer of personnel to make them amazed: If be the word of single loan,the likelihood should compare a little bit married loan difficulty is great. The explanation of this personage is: Because the bank fears the reimbursement ability of single public figure is not quite stable, lone after all it is one person reimbursement, just marriage personage loan is two people reimbursement, capital actual strength has safeguard more.

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