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    Situation is the key is bought secondhand 6 basic principles master when the roo

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    The 5th, property incidental expenses looks clear. Calculate the value that considers living charge water, report, angry, know these cost how collection, it is to come to take the place of close, still be oneself go capture. How much is seeing the level of collection of property administration fee that buys a house; Whether does the village close, the amount of security personnel personnel and responsibility heart how; Village afforest works how; Understand property management company to provide what service. Drive oneself a group of things with common features examine its car even charge. If buy, is high-level tower, the brand that still needs to watch elevator, speed and administrative pattern and how to collect fees etc.

    The 6th, neighborhood whether very harmonious. Between neighborhood harmonious, matter to the person that buy a house in the future living life condition. The person that buy a house can adopt the social arrangement of dress and dweller of village of life rule judgement, visit the neighbour of upstairs, downstair, left and right sides, understand them to live here satisfactory. Such, can get along in the future with neighborhood ahead of schedule already dozen of good foundation, living atmosphere of whole of knowable also dawn and oneself demand whether conform to.

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