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    Is privilege much should we start to buy a house?

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    The expert points out, cost of current house price rises to already let house price fall without can fall

    On March 10, the statistical data that national statistic bureau releases shows, producer price of countrywide production data rose compared to the same period this year in Feburary 7.2% , producer price of means of subsistence rises compared to the same period 4.9% , feed category to rise in price among them 11% . In the meantime, the statistic of national statistic bureau still shows countrywide CPI goes up achieve 6.6% , and Chengdu CPI was achieved Feburary 8.4% . Of when the river rises the boat goes up too is, the reporter understood a few days ago, nearly a few months come, include the building materials such as rolled steel, cement and artificial cost to wait to rise again and again, the cost that makes house price also rises ceaselessly. As contrary as this is, city of current Chengdu building is fatigued and weak still, house price privilege is more, many personages think, at present is rare buy job opportunity.

       Bridal chamber cost

      Every make the same score rice to increase 300 yuan

    "Build newly-built commodity house cost this year, price of every square metre rose about 300 yuan or so, and the very much person that buy a house still is in manage money wait-and-see, we did not know how to should do. " yesterday, a development business that does not wish to disclose a full name tells a reporter, at present, the price of cement by last year 300 multivariate / ton rise close now 500 yuan / ton, rolled steel last year this moment is 3000 multivariate / ton, and current market value is 6000 yuan / or so tons, add what service fee and newspaper build cost to wait to rise to ask with the government of material of relevant and energy-saving environmental protection apply, add very much this year build a project to use the land, it is business of a lot of development is in patted when price apogee last year buy, price cost is relative taller. Affirmative ground says, build commodity house this year build cost and the photograph is clearer than having last year rise trend.

    "Because repair those who build cost to increase, the house price of Chengdu falls the space is too little. " the matter that Li Shaohua of famous and landed organizer discussed house price to won't drop to the reporter: It is Chengdu house property relative to as implicit as other city value not tall, and foreigner bought an in part, house price is adjusted drop the space is very few; 2 it is the dweller consumes price index CPI to was amounted to in January 2008 7.1% , cost of commodity house development also is rising; 3 it is outskirt county " 3 course, 9 " the program of macrocosm Chengdu, value of land of county of progressively promotion outskirt, promote a room price thereby; 4 it is product of high end of development of business of domestic and international old brand, will pull the price that use a room to rise, as a result of effect of rate of exchange, outskirt county is benefited bigger, prefectural price chases outskirt to draw close to the urban district; 5 it is this year building dish land cost, newspaper builds cost to wait taller than in former years, banned on certain level drop space.

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