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    A sector of an area of the optional location that buy a house has quite exquisit

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    It is very important to buy house a sector of an area, this is well-known. But, nice a sector of an area also has good position, good building is not in good certainly, buy room optional location to also have quite actually so exquisite. From the point of the simplest optional location basis, when choosing a room best can be far from the following kinds of buildings.

      One, market

    A lot of people can think, if market is close from the residence, buy dish to go to the lavatory; But if live around market really, inconvenience is actually more. It is market prevents dirty chaos hard above all, if come loose all the year round,comparing is fleshy fishy smell, classics year the life is diffusing in the air of this kind of odour, although be met likely be accustomed to sth, but to normal breath it is adverse. Additional, market often compares moisture, cause a bacterium easily, affect health of body and mind. And market belongs to the ground with miscellaneous a confusion of voices, live around also put in noise pollution problem.

    2, transformer substation or high-pressured report tower

    Report belongs to fire in the five elements of yin and yang, very big to the influence of magnetic field, very big also to the influence of person head and heart, blood. If there are transformer substation or high-pressured report tower near house place, not only health gives an issue easily, wait like disease of heart disease, heart and vessels; Be opposite allegedly cerebrum is influential also, cause people thereby easy impulse, work easy the circumstance that make mistake.

    3, rubbish stands

    Stand about rubbish, it is unwell that most person knows resided at photograph adjacent. Basically taste because of rubbish choke person, long-term and inspiratory this kind of air is very unwell to human body, burden of can aggravating respiratory system. And, rubbish station catchs fire easily, once rubbish content catchs fire, disaster reachs Chi Yu, honest very meaningless.

    4, emissive tower

    With transformer substation likeness, emissive tower also is magnetic field is taken thick and fast. Blast off or emissive tower receives signal of TV, phone commonly, gas field is strong,

    5, cinema

    Superstitious and exquisite " angry unify " , when thinking the cinema is putting the motion picture only everyday lively, "Get together medicinal powder fugacious " , the person lot that can cause is capricious. Of course the view that this is superstition, but generally speaking cinema majority is located in trade group or commerce flourishing a sector of an area, live in hard to avoid of this kind of hive to suffer noise pollution effect, or influence of stream of people.

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